Between Cradle and Grave

In the past when I heard or said these words, it was usually in conjunction to one persons life. The life they live here on earth, between the moment they are placed in a cradle to the last moment when they are placed into their grave. The inspiration Lately, this name for a blog post […]

He is here!!! 🙌🙌

Luke Henry Pudel came into this world in a little bit of a Whirlwind, a week ago yesterday, September 28, 2020 at 2:51 in the morning.  The day before, Sunday, Jeff and I went to church and met our lovely friend Bernice there. After the service Bernice and I stayed behind to talk for a few […]

Rainbows 🌈

As I was getting ready for our maternity photo shoot with the amazing Melissa, I went to my jewelry to pick out something to wear. I didn’t really need to think about it because this necklace from Dear Mushka was guaranteed to be the one I wanted to wear for this occasion. The reminder, the […]

Baby Pudel

It is high time for an update on Baby Pudel! Some of you who follow our story only on here and not other social media outlets, don’t even know Baby Pudel is a …. That’s right! Baby Pudel is going to be a Baby Boy! We are so excited. I have asked at every ultrasound […]

This is 30

So, this is 30! Whenever I was younger I thought people who were 30 were sooo old, like their life is already half over. 😳😂 As I was nearing this birthday, I did think about it a lot. How I felt about turning 30. How I felt for not being a ‘young’ adult necessarily anymore […]

A different Cancerversary

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I were privileged to announce that we have a bundle of joy on the way. Today I am sharing my first ‘bump pic’, on my 4th cancerversary . 4 years ago today, we sat at the doctors office getting news that changed our life. It seemed at that point, […]

To the women with longing arms

Dear friend, First let me say I’m sorry. I’ve been where you are and it absolutely sucks. It hurts. It’s draining. It’s emotionally exhausting. It’s like a slap in the face. Why her? Why not me? What did I do? Sound familiar? I know I was asking these questions almost every time another friend or […]

Decade in Review

This post has taken me awhile to compose. I was hoping to post it right on January 1st. Its been hard to put together what I hoped to be able to convey. And now January is already almost over 🙈 What a year! What a decade! How do I even sum up everything that happened […]

I am 1 in 4

Here it is. The post I hoped I never would have to write. The post I begged I never would have to write or talk about. However, I also somewhat tried to prepare myself for mentally. But didn’t even want to really think about ….but yet here we are. Still reeling from a loss so […]

Rest, Relax, Recharge and Receive

I am sitting on another plane. Going to another appointment. Hoping for another round of ‘good news’ or at least not ‘bad news’. My update from May gave you all a little insight into all the medical things and options that came out of our trip to Germany. The one from July then gave some […]